imageSee what people are saying about North Coast Massage & Bodywork.  I believe the best testimonials come directly from the people I've helped.  Below are some actual comments from my clients.

"I was in pain all over the place, and you did LaStone Therapy for me. I wanted to let you know that not only did I feel amazing afterward, but as you predicted, I continued to heal and feel incredible. I have not been in pain, like I had been for years. Thank you!" -- N. A.

"I first visited North Coast Massage & Bodywork just before travelling for three days of cyclocross racing.  My lower back had been giving me trouble all season, especially late in the race.  Robert and I discussed this and formulated a plan.  After a very relaxing massage to open up the legs and lower back, I was feeling more relaxed than I have in years.  Robert taped my lower back, which I had never before experienced.  The next day I travelled with the tape on and felt great through 5 + hours of sitting.  The racing went incredibly well, it was three hard races over three days and never once did my back bother me.  My results were amazing and I was actually getting stronger as the races progressed.  From that weekend on I am a firm believer in the Kinesio taping and the power of massage.  Thanks Robert!"  -- C. H.

"I have been a satisfied client for many years.  His ongoing investment in learning new modalities and refining his massage skills through participation in professional sports events translates into superior massage services.  I commend him for the quality time he spends listening to and discussing any specific questions or concerns I might have before a session to which he will customize the therapy.  In addition, the atmosphere in his massage room is well designed and equipped to invoke a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.  You won't be disappointed!"  --  M. B.

"Robert was referred to me for my shoulder tendonitis with his neuromuscular therapy and relaxation massage almost a year ago.  Ever since, I always walk away feeling 300% better than when I arrived!  I have also tried the LaStone Therapy and Rain Bath Ceremony.  Both are truly unique, spiritual, balancing experiences.  In addition, he has practiced various Kinesio tapings on my arm and shoulder to relieve the tension and soreness in the tendon and muscles.  I have found the taping to be quite effective. Overall, I highly recommend his expertise."  -- M. C.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my LaStone Therapy massage with North Coast Massage & Bodywork! He clearly explained everything beforehand, which was nice to know since I had never had a LaStone massage before.  It was truly relaxing, while at the same time invigorating.  I felt very peaceful and alive afterwards.  I also tried Stone Medicine.  The stones which were used during the massage fell together as a Sacred Stone Symbol in the Native American tradition, and he sat down with me afterwards to "read it"...so interesting, really cool.  I will definitely go back, and I highly recommend North Coast Massage & Bodywork and his fantastic massages!"  -- M. P.

"The Rain Bath Ceremony was FANTASTIC!  I have never experienced anything sooo-o-o-o-o relaxing, freeing and healing!  It was an experience I will not soon, if ever, forget and highly recommend.  Blessings on your well intended healing for you, your clients and our universe."  -- S. S.

"The results from LaStone were incredible!!!  With just that one session, I've been nearly without pain from my chronic neck issues for the last 3 days (and counting) -- a dramatic improvement from not being able to turn my head more than 45 degrees in either direction.  After having been to a chiropractor for over 6 weeks with no relief at all, I'm incredibly impressed with my results with you and have stopped going to chiro appointments.  I've had 2 people at work comment on how I'm not making odd gestures with my head from all the neck pain I had been experiencing for the last 5 months or so.  I was really focused on the clinical effects of the LaStone treatment, but I was also a little surprised at the lasting effects it had on my stress level.  With traditional massage, I felt relaxed for an hour or so following the treatment.  With LaStone, I noticed significant reduction in stress that lasted almost 3 full days (despite the best efforts of my co-workers).  Thanks again for the great work - I'm a believer!"  -- R. K.

"Simply put... the best massage in Cleveland!"  -- R. M.

"Robert, I gotta tell you, my hips have never felt better!  I walk with no pain.  I have not felt like this in years.  You're awesome!"  -- D. C.

"My experience was great!  I’ve been riding bikes for over 12 years and for about 7 as a professional rider on BMX freestyle.  To be honest, my body gets pretty beat up.  At this big event called the Dew Tour, we have an amazing team of rehab specialists.  Robert takes care of me all the time.  We've used a few different techniques, like soft tissue, Kinesio tape, etc.  It all works great!  You can tell the difference between a normal massage place and a highly skilled therapist of this level.  This is definitely something that we as athletes must have.  It is very important physical support, which helps you mentally too.  It directly affects my performance as a professional rider."  -- C. Z.

"Robert is awesome!!!  He takes the time with each client."  -- R. V.

"North Coast Massage worked on me at the pool before my swimming of the 200m breaststroke competition at GG9.  Thanks for the great massage.  I won the gold medal, which I now owe to you and the amazing massage!  Thanks again for your expertise and treatment."  -- M. B.

"Just got back from an hour sports massage with Robert at North Coast Massage & Bodywork.  After the massage, he applied some RockTape to help support my shoulder.  He did a phenomenal job and I highly recommend his services.  You don't have to be a professional athlete to receive professional services!"  -- K. S.

"I've had massages all over the world... the best spas in the US, Europe and Asia.  Robert beats them all!"  -- M. Q.

"From one bodybuilder to another, North Coast Massage is the best!  The sports massage and deep tissue massage will get knots out that you didn't know you had.  I get them off-season and for contest prep.  Very excellent for recovery, flexibility, and really adds a new dimension to my posing!!  The RockTape may look like it does nothing, but trust me the results are for real.  To keeping the muscles loose, to releasing impingements, deep tissue and taping has allowed me to take bodybuilding to another level!!!!!"  -- J. S.

"Robert is incredibly knowledgeable about his work. I went to him because of a work injury and he took the time to listen and pinpoint the issue and explain to me what he would be doing to help me out. I could not get over how much better I felt when I left! I've been back a number of times to address different muscular issues. He is trained in the proper use of sports taping and even used that to extend my healing process. I finally went back to enjoy a stone massage. I can't even put into words how decadent it was!!!!! It was an over all mind and body experience. It was so relaxing I almost fell asleep. If you are looking for a licensed medical massage therapist, who can help you relax or get back on your feet, look no further. Skip the salon and go right to a professional."  -- T. G.

"So glad I tried the Lomilomi massage.  The combination of technique and intent left me with a feeling of being cradled in relaxation and soothing energy. Truly a wonderful massage experience. Thank you Robert for your intuitive nature." -- C. J.

"Today I received the Migraine Miracle treatment at North Coast Massage and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it was. I walked in there with a migraine at a pain level of 6 on a scale of 1-10.  When the migraine treatment was completed, my pain was at a zero! It was simply amazing how much this treatment works. Robert at North Coast Massage is by far the best I have ever had and has really helped me work through some injuries and pain. I thank him for all of his knowledgeable ideas and skills bag he put to the test." -- S. S.

"Robert is simply the best at what he does. I am a competitive athlete who needs to be at the top of my game 24/7, and I can only do that with his help. He's incredibly knowledgeable and experienced as evidenced by his recent selection for Massage Therapy Hall of Fame. His expertise is not limited to competitive athletics though.  My wife sees him on a regular basis as well for relaxation from stress and neck tension. Schedule an appointment with him today and I promise you will enjoy it!"  -- A. M.