Native Designs

Handcrafted Native American Inspired Items

North Coast Massage & Bodywork is excited to offer items for purchase from my Native Designs collection.  Although I am not personally of Native American descent, my creative influence of this style was inspired from my various and diversified experiences with the culture.  I have handcrafted each item ceremonially, honoring the resources needed for raw materials.  I begin with smudging myself, all tools and supplies.  I then respectfully allow the artistic process to evolve in the creation of each item.  No two items are alike, guaranteeing a unique and beautiful masterpiece.

Some of my items are listed on the Etsy website under the shop name of NorthCoastNativeDsgn.  These products are available online for immediate purchase.

Contact me for specific products and pricing.

-- Hand Drum --
          Made from Deer or Elk rawhide
          14 or 15 inch diameter
          Laced to honor Medicine Wheel
          Wrapped to create Raven's feet
          Voice stick (drum stick) included 

-- Prayer Fan --
          Made from Turkey feathers (wing or tail)
          Wooden handle wrapped in Deer leather
          Complimented with Coyote fur
          Fringe embellished with jingle cones or beads
          Approximately 24 to 28 inches in total length
          Perfect for smudging and prayer offerings
          Can be used as a Talking Feather
          Beautiful as rustic decor

-- Smudge Feather --
          Made from Turkey feathers (wing or tail)
          Quill wrapped in Deer leather
          Accented with wooden bead
          Approximately 18 to 20 inches in total length
          Perfect for smudging and prayer offerings
          Beautiful as rustic decor

-- Smudge Feather with Deer Antler Handle --
          Made from Turkey feathers (wing or tail)
          Handle is Deer antler
          Enhanced with a tuft of Coyote fur
          Approximately 18 to 20 inches in total length
          Perfect for smudging and prayer offerings
          Beautiful as rustic decor

-- Dreamcatcher --
          Leather wrapped ring
          3 or 5 inch diameter
          Web created from artificial sinew
          Beads intricately woven into web
          Uniquely adorned with feathers and beads

-- Product Reviews --

"The drum is absolutely stunning and has a beautiful voice!  This is my first purchase of a drum and I am so very thankful to have stumbled upon a talented craftsman.  The shipping speed was very fast and the packing was done with loving care." - 5 stars - H. W. in Quincy, IL

"The prayer fan is beautifully crafted and I could tell immediately that it was made with love.  I especially love the coyote fur as it adds a soft contrast to the piece, as well as some trickster medicine. :)  I will definitely be purchasing more pieces from Robert in the future."  - 5 stars - W. K. in Zephyrhills, FL

"I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful feather fan.  It is absolutely beautiful and is a treasure to have in my home.  It rests on the mantle in my living room has been used lovingly to move and clear energy.  I appreciate the care and the spirit with which it was given.  Thank you sincerely."  - 5 stars -  M. B. in Daniel Island, SC

"We are highly impressed with our new drum, we could not have expected any better.  An amazing musical instrument and a beautiful piece of art we are proud to own.  Thank you for your attention to us and our order and the care you put into your packaging and shipping."  - 5 stars - D. P. in Helena, MT

"I purchased this prayer fan and simply cannot believe the quality and inherent beauty.  I will be purchasing more items from NorthCoastNativeDsgn, and highly recommend him." - 5 stars - W. B. in Lindenhurst, IL

"A truly wonderful ceremonial smudge feather.  It's easy to see the care that went into making this.  I will most certainly be buying again from this seller, as his work is superb." - 5 stars - A. A. in North Olmsted, OH

"I love the drum!  It has the most beautiful reverberation and is lovely to hold and look at too.  Thank you for the care you put into your craft.  I am honored to have the smudge fan as well." - 5 stars - S. M. in Ligonier, PA

"I was looking for a smudging feather without finding anything I liked.  Then, I found this prayer fan.  I really, really love it!  Beautiful design, wonderful quality, good service.  Very secured packaging and fast delivery." - 5 stars - K. L. in Mission Viejo, CA

"Thank you for the lovely drum.  The sound is amazing!  I have looked for the perfect drum for over a year.  It's so beautiful and exactly what I was looking for.  Your workmanship is outstanding." - 5 stars - K. L. in Wilmington, NC

"I LOVE the gorgeous smudge feather you sent for our Fire Circle Group.  I felt a loving and powerful energy when I opened the package.  WOW!!!  Thank you so much!  Would love to buy more!" - 5 stars - L. P. in Torrance, CA

"I just received my drum!  It is AMAZING!!!  I absolutely love the sound it makes.  It resonates with me so much.!" - 5 stars - S. R. in Chicago, IL

"This lovely smudge feather was even more superb than expected. This is a prime example of true art here on Etsy. I love purchasing from individual artists who take pride in their work. Some of their pieces are more of a 'gift', rather than mere purchase. Will purchase again from this artist. Thank you so much for the lovely feather." - 5 stars - S. J. in Scottsdale, AZ

"Beautiful piece! I love the look and feel. I couldn't have picked a better smudge feather to bless my house. The included note was a welcome touch. Thank you." - 5 stars - C. M. in Benham, TX

"The dreamcatcher is so beautiful in person.  Even better than the picture!  Shipped very quickly." - 5 stars - A. T. in Los Angeles, CA